Casing the Joint: Planning for the SBAC

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D.A. Freccia: You’re a pretty smart fella.

Joe Moore: Ah, not that smart.

D.A. Freccia: [If] you’re not that smart, how’d you figure it out?

Joe Moore: I tried to imagine a fella smarter than myself. Then I tried to think, “what would he do?”

-Heist, 2001

Any great heist begins with planning.  You can’t just go do a job without doing your homework.  This means careful and systematic analysis of what exactly your objectives are, location of the goods, tendencies of employees, and level of security.  It also means mapping out the most important part: the getaway.

1. Know Your Mark

You’ll need to use some careful surveillance if you are get at the SBAC goods.  Monitoring the SBAC website is a good place to begin.  The site is a little intimidating at first, but if you’re a CCSD teacher, the good folks at AARSI have most of the most pertinent links nestled snuggly on interact.  The resources portion of the site is quite informative actually.

2. Change your Plans

You’ve been doing this for a while.  You’re a professional.  But…this assessment will require you to insure that your efforts are concentrated in the right places.  You might need to think outside of the teacher’s manual on this one.

It’s all about claims and assessment targets now.  Claims and Targets…and it’s almost like the SBAC wants to be robbed.  They have the entire blueprint for your instruction and your ultimate success on this job lined up for you.  It spells out your hustle almost entirely.  Now all you have to do is use your considerable talents to relieve the marks of the goods. Here is the information for ELA and Math.

Every great heist starts out with a plan.  Make sure yours does as well.

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