Who We Are

The Intelligent Hoodlums are…

The Chocolate Teacher



Chocolate Teacher Intro Gif


Universe: His own

Real Name: Mike Lang

Aliases: Pedagogical Super Villain, Chen Lau Hu, Employee 1552, Chocolate Boy Wonder (Shout out to Pete Rock)

Identity: Secret

Citizenship: Elysium

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Intelligent Hoodlums #1

Skills: Facilitating of Educational Experiences, Super Villainy, Thinking Outside of the Box

Bio: A little Endeavour Morse, a little Dr. Doom, and a whole lot of practice.




webs Universe: 220

Real Name: Stephanie Weber
Aliases: Webs, Q, Chi, The Quits, Vegas

Identity: Secret

Citizenship: USA (and possibly Canada)

Place of Birth: The Northern Tundra

First Appearance: Intelligent Hoodlums #1

Skills: Turning dreams into plans into reality, bringing the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world, super villainy, thinking outside of the box

Bio: If Kim Possible and Wade were all one person, that would be Webs.


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