Neo SmartPen N2

by @chocolateteacher

I love notebooks.  Really I do.  I’ve got tons.  There’s nothing that eclipses the feel of paper and pen meeting when I thinking about creating something.  As much I’m a digital being, nothing will ever beat old fashion writing on paper.  I’d love to merge my passion for writing on paper, with my digital self, in a true sense not by using a stylus on a tablet.  Enter NEO SMARTPEN.


One of the Best Kickstarter Campaigns I’ve ever backed.



I love Kickstarter and I troll there about five times a day looking for innovative ideas that will make my life more fun, more efficient, or just cooler.  I hit a home run here.

Imagine you’re just finishing a lesson in your class and you want to reflect immediately as to the successes and opportunities for improvement.  You take out your trusty notebook and write to your hearts desire.  You want to send this info to yourself, an instructional coach, and your administrator.  You could make photocopies.  You could take a picture.  You could even use and app to scan it.  Or…

You could use the N2.  It syncs to your tablet or smart phone via an app.  Once synced, it will copy stroke by stroke what you write in your handwriting.  It will also transcribe and video/audio record what’s going on.  It also allows you to email through your notebook, the app, or Evernote. Quite nice.

What I Dig

  • Easy syncing via app
  • Notes sync to Evernote
  • Easy charging via USB
  • Transcription (make sure your note is legible!)
  • Video/audio recording
  • Email notes immediately

What I Didn’t Dig

  • You must use a special notebook
  • Pen needs refills

Pretty, Pretty, Please Make it…

  • work on any piece of paper
  • integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.


Overall, great product.  Journaling, reflecting, and creating in your classroom and beyond just got a shot of adrenaline.  I just got it a few days ago and I’m using it like crazy.  Think about mirroring your iDevice onto a wall via an LCD and writing, mindmapping, or drawing with your students. No need to be slave to an elmo or be forced to stand and write on an IWB.  You can be anywhere and write anything.   School just got a lot cooler.  My rating? Five Mikes





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