Whatfix: Let it Flow In Your Classroom

by @chocolateteacher

Imagine you need to instruct students on how to access a website, perform a series of web based tasks, or use a tool for genius hour.  There are a myriad of ways to do it- screenshots, screencasts, walking them through the process physically. Another option might be to create a “flow” using a site called Whatfix.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.39.10 PM

Instructions are a snap with Whatfix.

In my day job, I’m often asked to show teachers how to use digital tools. I’ve begun to use Whatfix when faced with these issues.  Whatfix integrates with Google Chrome and allows you to rather easily create tutorials.

What makes Whatfix dynamite though are the options one has for viewing the tutorials.  You can make the tutorials run like a slideshow, have them be accessed from an url, or even make it a video.  You can also run it live so the viewer can go through the instructions step by step.  This is a dynamic function that should cut down on the amount of students that are unable to keep up with instructions.


Try navigating to the SBAC Practice Assessments by using this link to the flow.

What I Dig

  • free tool
  • can be used quickly
  • multiple ways to view
  • adds efficiency without headaches
  • won’t disturb anyone during centers or computer lab time

What I Didn’t Dig

  • sometimes “live” functionality doesn’t work
  • websites with logins rarely have issues


This is a dynamic tool that integrates nicely into a blended learning environment.  This could be used dynamically by coaches to explain workflows as well. This is a great tool for 20% time or Genius hour for creating tutorials for a bevy of tools without having to waste time showing kids “what the tool” does.  My rating? Five Mikes.

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