Preparing for the SBAC: Edmodo and Augmenting Your Assessment

by @chocolateteacher

With the SBAC quickly approaching, teachers are looking for looking for ways to challenge students through assessment.  Edmodo and its competitor, Schoology, offer solutions to this problem.  They both not only offer quiz functionality, but also ways to augment the quizzes so they are more robust and thought provoking.

Since my day job is in a school district which endorses Edmodo,  we’ll examine ways to augment a quiz using that LMS.


1. Log into Your Edmodo

Your ability to generate a quiz is rather easy to locate once you log in.  Click on it and then the blue “Create a Quiz” button.

Find your "Quiz" button

Find your “Quiz” button

2. Choose Your Question Type

You can choose multiple question types. Vary them as necessary.

Edmodo Quiz 2


3. Add Your Question

Choose your question type and type the question you’d like your students to answer.

Edmodo Quiz 3

 4. Augment Your Quiz

It’s rather easy to simply type some text for the questions and answers.  Nothing is really remarkable about that.  To pump up your assessment, add multimedia, images, and text to the questions that will force students to function on the highest levels of Bloom’s.

You can add multimedia and resources from any place on the web via a link or from any resource that is placed in your Edmodo library. Clicking on the “link” to the left under your question to add your weblink.  Click the “book” to the right of the “link” to add a resource form your library.

Edmodo Quiz 4

5. Resources that You Can Add to Your Quiz

In the example, I linked a video from GoAnimate.  There are tons of sites that can make your quizzes more enjoyable, challenging, and engaging.






Edmodo Quiz 5Resources you might use to augment? (There are thousands.  They are a google search away.)

Video/Presentation: WeVideo, GoAnimate, Animoto 

Presentation:, Visme, Bunkr, Haiku Deck

Audio: Vocaroo, Audioboom, Speakpipe

Visuals: Pixton, Storyboard That, MakeBeliefsComixPhotopin,

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